Who are we ?

A family business for over 150 years, Cris Veneer offers its expertise in the development of exceptional projects using fine wood. Philippe Roquet, the founder, and Jean-François Hoden, the new director since 2018, are the enthusiastic continuers of this high-quality approach.


Wood, an enthusiasm that goes back a long way

When he was a very young man, Jean-François Hoden was passionately interested in the wood of the many pieces of furniture his grandfather bought and often had restored by a cabinet maker, whose workshop smelled attractively of wood, turpentine and glue. Reason led him to study business and management, but he remained an enthusiast for quality materials.

27 years in multinational firms

After a long career as a manager in the supply chain (purchasing, logistics, customer service in big multinational firms like Mapa Spontex, Total, Rhodia Solvay), Jean-François Hoden became an expert supply chain consultant and joined the world of architecture and design after becoming the head of the purchasing department in the Serge Ferrari Company.

Acquisition of Cris Veneer

Motivated by the desire to be an entrepreneur and guided by his childhood dreams, he began to look for a company to buy. He eventually met Philippe Roquet in 2017 and bought Cris Veneer in 2018. Philippe Roquet accompanies him from time to time to transmit his precious know-how and contribute to the development of the company.


Heir to a family of wood enthusiasts

In the 19th century the family business included carpentry, cabinet making, and made French regional furniture with locally sourced wood. In the 1920s, the business evolved towards making contemporary veneered and marquetry furniture.

The sixties saw the arrival of new materials : laminates, synthetic textiles and aluminium. The mastery of these, associated with that of wood, opened new markets in carpentry and furnishing.

This multi-material know-how developed through the years in more and more demanding and complex projects, associating wood with leather, cork, stone, glass, metals and composites in numerous lay-out and carpentry projects.

Founder of Cris Veneer

In the nineties, Philippe Roquet extended this expertise and developed international activity with veneer wood . After 30 years in the veneer wood industry, he created his own company : Cris Veneer, whose vocation is to source exceptional raw materials from all over the world and control their transformation.