Quality in a general sense cannot be imposed by decree ; it is experienced and conceived from day to day, from the selection of the materials to the manufacture of the products and the services accompanying them. We stay tuned to our customers needs to ensure their satisfaction.

Take time to do things properly

Offering the best products requires not only experience but also time. At each stage in the selection, transformation and delivery, Cris Veneer is careful to take time to do things properly, without haste, with great respect for the wood.

Staying tuned to your needs

The requirements of each project vary considerably : some projects demand exceptional quality while others are ready to sacrifice perfection in order to obtain a better price. Only a perfectly transparent exchange with our customers enables us to satisfy their needs. The detailed understanding of the conditions of implementation of the wood we transform for our customers enables us to take the right decisions when it comes to selecting and transforming a log.

Your specifications

For the most important projects, it is necessary to draw up specifications. But very often our customers lack the experience to define precisely the necessary quality criteria. Whenever it seems relevant, Cris Veneer offers customers its collaboration in fixing the quality criteria of the end products and the drawing-up of the corresponding specifications.

Photograph and samples

Cris Veneer can provide its customers with a photographic inventory of the batches proposed. Each batch of sheets of wood is photographed and transmitted in high definition, for the quantities which justify it. If the customer so wishes, samples can be cut and transmitted by mail.

Come and see what you are buying

We always tell our customers that nothing can replace seeing and touching the material. We are always happy to welcome our customers and allow them to appreciate all the batches proposed to them. This visit, which is prepared in advance in order to gain time, enables our customers to examine each batch of sheets of wood and have an exact idea of the quality of the products they are buying.