Cris Veneer works for several categories of customers who use fine woods. We are used to working with luxury boutique and showroom planners/fitters, manufacturers of veneered and marquetry boxes, designers and makers of furniture and objects in fine wood, and also specialist dealers, craftsmen, carpenters, cabinet makers, violin makers, instrument makers…

Beyond the products available in our catalogue, including rare products which can no longer be found, our essential know-how is in providing our customers with veneer or sawn wood sourced and transformed respecting the esthetic, technical and environmental aspects they require.

Wood is a living, variable material. Our speciality is to make that compatible with the complexity and the need for quality control in contemporary projects.


Wood is incomparable in bringing life, warmth and comfort to a room, but it often implies considerable constraints from an architectural point of view. Continuity in the patterns, length of the sheets of veneer, regularity of the shades of the wood, mastery of its singularities, all these parameters can complicate the execution.

At Cris Veneer we know how to convert these variations to the controlled advantage of our customers. So that each project carried out is really consistent with the demands of the designer.

It is not by accident that up-market luxury brands trust Cris Veneer for the sourcing, transformation, checking, tracing and supply of the wood which furnishes their boutiques and showrooms all over the world.


For craftsmen and designers who wish to conjure an emotion from a fine wood, Cris Veneer proposes several dozen precious woods from all over the world and engineered in the most extraordinary ways. Our non-exhaustive catalogue will show you some exceptionally fine woods and we encourage you to contact us to tell us about your exact needs or discuss the project you are developing.

Very often we share your enthusiasm for wood and we are sure to be able to provide that little something extra which makes all the difference.


The making of high-class furniture in wood requires a perfect mastery of the raw materials and their quality. Our knowledge of woods, their characteristics, availability, natural variations, means we are an ideal partner for manufacturers and industrialists who use fine woods.

Our industrial customers rely on Cris Veneer to help with their products, even in the early stages of conception and design, to take the best advantage of the inherent characteristics of each wood and each sector of supply and transformation.

They also count on our historical know-how concerning the joint use of veneer wood and other contemporary materials.

Let’s imagine together the ideal wood for your project