Project Description

Lemon tree

Chloroxylon swietenia

Origin Asia

Trade name

Lemon tree

Main regions of origin


Character, description

Contemplating East Indian satinwood is a captivating experience because of its charming brilliance and yellow shading. This wood gives off a luminous impression. A satin brilliance comes from its dense, vertical and unified texture. The clearly distinguishable growth zones give the appearance of this veneer wood ribboned singularities. One can often see grain deviations and a double counter-grain, which makes processing of the wood particularly complex. The wood is hard and gives off a floral scent. Of a lovely golden yellow colour, with counter-grains on the quartered surface which give it a ribboned aspect, often ‘moiré’, it catches the light and is often used for decoration. The lemon tree was little used in French furniture before the second half of the XIXth century. But it was often used to make English furniture. It is also used in decorating and fitting boats, especially for the ship owner’s cabin.




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