Project Description

Cherry wood

Prunus avium

Origin Europe, Asia, all over France except southern regions

Trade name

Cherry wood

Main regions of origin

Origin Europe, Asia, all over France except southern regions

Character, description

Perfect reddish-brown wood, differentiated pale yellow sapwood, fine texture, good mechanical resistance, easy to process, hard to dry, easy to lathe. The European cherry has become a sought-after wood. It is reputed for its magnificent colour and its velvet sheen, which takes on a warm reddish and golden-brown glow according to the light falling on the wood. Its fine texture reveals an elegant structure which is present in the form of delicate patterns and discreet lines lengthwise. Above all, cherry wood assumes its personality without creating a heavy atmosphere. Commentary : this wood is highly appreciated for furniture and decoration, according to fashion. Its heartwood, of a lovely warm, pinkish-brown honey colour, takes on a superb reddish patina with age. Most often, this wood is used solid. Industrial manufacturers prefer a species imported from the USA the prunus serotina, which gives higher yields, at the cost of a duller appearance.


Solid furniture, cabinetry, high quality veneers, turnings, sculptures, interior joinery, furniture, musical instruments, doors



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