Project Description

Larch, quarter-sawn

Larix decidua

Origin European mountains, French Alps

Trade name


Main regions of origin

European mountains, French Alps

Character, description

Perfect wood, brownish, red, differentiated sapwood, good mechanical resistance, very good durability, easy to process. The appearance of this wood widely used in ornamenting is determined by the striking alternation of summer and winter wood, which is very marked on both sides. In a tangential plane, extraordinarily beautiful forms appear, while the radial surface reveals clear, decorative bands. The pale red and brownish-yellow to intense brick-red colours, along with the numerous scattered little knots which look as if they were drawn with a pencil, give the wood a warm, rustic appearance.


Furniture, Lumber, Doors, Nautical equipment, carpentry, cladding, exterior woodwork, telegraph poles



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